Sue Townsend

‘She fills the pages with turmoil, anger, passion, love and big helpings of wit. It’s full of colour and glows with life’

‘Every sentence is witty and well thought out, and the whole has reverberations beyond itself’
The Times

‘Brilliant, sharp, honest, moving, an exquisite social comedy’
Daily Telegraph

‘Proof, once more, that Townsend is one of the funniest writers around’
The Times

‘The publishers could offer a money back guarantee if you don’t laugh and be sure they wouldn’t have to write a single cheque’
Jeremy Paxman

‘This joyous satire confirms Townsend as the absolute monarch of comic fiction’
Daily Mail

About Sue

Sue Townsend was born in Leicester in 1946. She left school at 15, was married at 18 and was a single parent caring for three young children by the age of 23. She wrote in secret for twenty years before anybody saw her work.

Sue is best known for the creation of the luckless and self-deluded Adrian Mole but has also written many other popular novels, plays and journalism. She won numerous prestigious awards and honours before passing away in April 2014 at the age of 68.

Adrian Mole

Adrian Mole is one of the most enduring and cherished comic creations of recent history. First published in 1982, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 ¾ became the biggest selling book of the 80’s and was adapted for both the stage and the screen.

Over the next 30 years Sue Townsend kept the British public laughing and touched their hearts with understanding, as we all followed Mole’s distinctly British, almost heroic tale of failure, delusion and growth.

Other Books

In addition to the Adrian Mole books, Sue Townsend has written five other popular novels, numerous plays and non-fiction.

Her novels include the ‘laugh-out-loud funny’ The Queen and I, which sees a Republican Britain oust the royal family and place them in a council estate in the Midlands, and the ‘touching and hilarious’ The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year, in which we see Eva unintentionally wage war on the world by simply giving up and going to bed.

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